The StarTribe Vision:

For thousands of years, cultures all over the world have revered dance as a way of opening doorways to a healthier mind and body. This is why, for StarTribe, dance is a path for personal development.

In much of the Western world, the scope of dance has become narrow and limited with the theme often being unnatural nightclubs and bars. Even music festivals—doling out processed sugar and alcohol—aren't exactly empowering, relative to what's possible. But there's a revival of late towards more meaningful dance—dance that takes place in beautiful environments within a real sense of community, much like it was for millennia.

Thousands of people have participated in StarTribe, and for the real spirit of dance. There's something especially moving and powerful about an entire community of people coming together for such an experience, and you are warmly invited.

Upcoming events:

* Stay tuned for details!