There’s no better way to celebrate the fall equinox than getting down with your tribe to a lineup like this one:

5-7………Adem Joel


9-11…….Desert Dwellers


12-1…….Treavor Moontribe

1-2………Zia Zombie

* dancefloor powered with 22 speaker Mesa Sound System…prepare to bass up and get down.

3 reasons to get your tickets now: 

– your entry is guaranteed.

– your friends will follow you.

– and you’ll save $$.

* Primo camping onsite at Luna Mystica!*

See you at the Taos Mesa Brewery Mothership this Saturday for the fall equinox!

Desert Dwellers –
Desert Dwellers consists of Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe, who began their careers as independent music producers and DJs in the deserts of New Mexico and California. Coming together in the late ’90s after connecting through the legendary Moontribe scene, today the duo enjoys a reputation as one of the most pioneering and prolific downtempo, psy-bass, and tribal trance acts in the United States. Desert Dwellers have toured extensively across six continents, spent a 7-week stretch on the road with renowned psychedelic artist Shpongle, and have performed at dozens of festivals, most notably Shambhala, Lightning in a Bottle, Envision, Coachella, Rainbow Serpent, and Boom. Taking a new approach to digital production, Amani and Treavor have combined the raw sounds of the natural world while skillfully blended deep bass, earthy percussion, etheric voices and cross-cultural instrumentation into sonic incense for the mind and body. 
Treavor Moontribe –
Treavor Moontribe is one of the founders of the Los Angeles based “Moontribe Collective” and its legendary full moon desert gatherings. Since 1993, these events have been at the core of Southern California’s underground electronic music scene. Over the years Treavor has also established himself as a dynamic music producer having released music under several project names. His most notable project is Desert Dwellers.

Planewalker –
Inviting you on a cosmic journey to the higher planes of the musical multiverse, Planewalker calls on his ancestral Irish and Egyptian roots to infuse his compositions with the ancient tones and rhythms of the druids and the magi. Weaving memorable stories and gems of spiritual wisdom seamlessly into the stream of sounds, every song is designed to unlock the hidden powers inside you and inspire you to align with the elemental powers of nature. 

Adem Joel –
Because of Adem’s mindful attention to research and detail of Tribal Dance Music, he set the tone for Nu-Skool and Tribal Breakbeat style music in New Mexico, back in the olden days of ’99. At the age of 18 He landed his first residency at local after hours hot spot, The Dragons Empire in Albuquerque, NM, because of how well he held it down with the inner selekta. 

Mandelbot –
A Trans dimensional Bio Mechanic Organism, Spreading his love of Fractal Geometry through Music and Vibration. Known through out the Universe as MANDELbot.

Zia Zombie –

Via a unique style of his own, Zia Zombie has mastered a way of unlocking a tribal atmosphere on the dancefloor by the fusion of elemental bass with mystic extraction from the primitive elements of nature. 
See you on Saturday for the fall equinox!!

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