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StarTribe Pro Sound in Taos, New Mexico specializes in high-end sound system rentals for all sizes of Festivals, Concerts, DJ Events, Tours, Conventions, Weddings and even house parties! With StarTribe Pro Sound you are receiving the best sound performance in Northern New Mexico, and we’ll do what it takes to give you the best rate anywhere! The StarTribe Pro Sound System more than adequately supplies sound for events with attendance of anywhere between 20 to 4000.

The Philosophy

The StarTribe Sound System is custom built with the highest fidelity equipment made. Every event we have always received compliments that this is the best sound ever heard. And the same level of customer service always comes with it. For sound system rental in Taos New Mexico choose StarTribe if you want the best!

Notice to the left how we stack our subwoofers horizontally. This essentially creates one massive bass port. You may have noticed front loaded subwoofers have circle or slot ports. The speaker port essentially determines the height of the sound wave. The larger the port, the taller the wave. And the taller wave, the deeper the sound. We make this a real priority. Most systems drop in decibels at 50 Hertz and below. Then they turn the system annoyingly loud, and everyone goes home with ringing ears. But 50 down to 18 Hz is the warm body-vibrating frequency that makes your crowd smile. At StarTribe Pro Sound we’re essentially raising the bar. We’re confident this will be unlike anything you’ve ever heard. And because this is a 24 speaker system we are able push less wattage per speaker. For the audience this creates a larger ‘sweet spot’. Even those standing in front of the speakers don’t have to shout in their friend’s ear when talking. Yet, if you’re 200 feet away, hold on to your drink. This speaker configuration suits an audience of 20 – 2000. For high-attendance festivals we configure a solid 40‘ row of subs at waist level. Speakers are hung at 20’ angled down to the crowd. This is when we power our work-horse amps to generate some serious output. Grins and raised eyebrows are inevitable.

Choose StarTribe Pro Sound in Taos New Mexico for your sound system rental, and you’ll be getting the very best and for an affordable rate.

Bottom line – we’re going to make you and your crowd happy. Ultimately this is our passion.

Yours Truly,
Billy Merritt, Owner & Founder

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